Scherk in Clay


This innocent minimal surface, which can be obtained from Heinrich Scherk’s traditional surface by adding two wings and bending them towards each other, poses interesting challenges when printed (vertically, i.e. rotated by 90 degrees) in clay. First of all, there are three horizontal cross sections which look like branches of hyperbolas (but aren’t, not even for the original Scherk surface, in contrast what Wikipedia currently claims).

DSC 6210

When printing this layer by layer, the nozzle has to move from branch to branch, and as the printer can’t stop printing while it skips across, it leaves hairy artifacts.

DSC 6207

They clearly have their own charme.

DSC 6299

Another problem arises from the saddle points that are printed without support. This leads to other imperfections and sometimes structural complications that might take away from the elegance of the original surface but contribute to wild interior landscapes.

DSC 6269

Watching the printer work for two hours is dramatic, because failure in the form of collapsing walls can happen any minute.

DSC 6276



Let’s continue the delightful examination of the green-white-black pre-Fall landscape of Indiana.

DSC 6130

Once in a while it overcomes me and I want to be able to look around. Unfortunately, most of the Midwest of the USA has no mountain peaks to climb, so one is pretty much limited to a horizontal, 2-dimensional perspective.

DSC 6033

This gets worse in Clifty Falls State Park, where the main (and most exciting) option is down. At the bottom, one can only walk along the creek, and is reduced to a 1-dimensional perspective. There are traces from a still existing outside world, mostly in the form of large boulders.

DSC 6089

We do not ask what’s underneath. And yes, there is life, if given time.

DSC 6094

Thoughts about a way out seem preposterous. How dare we think about an up when there is only forward?

DSC 6059

So, instead of the longed for outlook I had another look inward, reducing everything to the very next step. There are many ways rinse oneself.

DSC 6099