Points of Support

Three points make a triangle.

DSC 7244

After witnessing the remnants of the American democracy in free fall during this year’s election, I found some peace in contemplating the stability that is achieved by three points
on a long walk through Turkey Run State Park’s maze of canyons.

DSC 7126

Fall is almost over here, and the dead leaves and trees are awaiting the mercy of frost and snow.

DSC 7217

There is beauty still in all of this, maybe because it cannot be made a target of hatred.

DSC 7221

Let’s call this a prayer, if such thing still exists.

DSC 7213



When Giacinto Scelsi went through a personal crisis, he spent hours listening to the sound of a single key on his piano. The haunting music he composed afterwards is my favorite music for the Fall.

DSC 7054

Appropriately once in a while the leaves make a concerted effort to display just one color.

DSC 7079

The yellow fall color is particularly difficult to catch, because the leaves fade too quickly when on the ground. This fragility makes yellow ideal to increase tension in an image.

I have difficulties pinpointing what I like about the image below. I keep returning to the pale yellow tree in the center that seems hover over the slanted lines of nearby rocks and trees,
ready to exert more pressure downwards, but not quite doing it yet.

DSC 7040

Fragility is also part of Scelsi’s music. The first time I heard his music was at a concert in Cologne, and one piece was for solo guitar. Half way through the piece a string broke. The player just sat there for a minute, seemingly uncomprehending. When he recovered, he looked into the audience, went up to get a new string, and recommenced playing. This one minute of silence could very well have been part of the music.

DSC 7101