Rock Art (Iceland IV)

This image of an expecting woman should make it clear that trolls are not as close to extinction as some try to make us believe.

DSC 8873

Of course they are hard to find. Not only are they well camouflaged by all the lava rocks, they are also in constant migration, like here a small family, with the child being carried piggyback.

DSC 9147

But not only trolls roam Iceland. This large bird should rewrite a chapter of the theory of evolution.

DSC 7767

Then there are the giants, always watching.

DSC 7652


Corsican Rock Faces

One of my manic disorders forces me to see faces in all kinds of rock formations.


The varied geological nature of Corsica, together with heavy erosion due to wind and water, provides ample material.


Sometimes, sunlight helps, too.


I am sure that today, after more than 20 years, these rocks are better preserved than the negatives I had to deal with. Besides the usual dust and scratches, some of them have deteriorated beyond help. I have stored all of them in proper sleeves and under dry conditions. Still, I noticed large speckled areas on some of them that clearly were not present 20 years ago.